Let us know about you. By answering a
few questions, we can better determine  
if  a Mink Toy Poodle  is  the right choice
for you. Are you planning on
showing?breeding?looking for a great
companion ? Do  you have allergies to
fur? Do you value privacy? Toy Poodles
love to "shadow" their owner. Grooming is
essential,but style choices are limitless;
from Fancy to Functional and everything in
between! Male vs Female :
both are very
smart, loving and easy-to train.Mink Toy
Poodles are very social and require
attention and affection. Will he/she spend
lots of time alone?Would you consider an
older pup or an adult? Let us help you
make the right choice so everyone wins!
Thankyou, Pat Mink
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